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Use Case Diagram Jhai Top Level Use Case

This use case describes the broad usage of the Jhai system. The diagram takes into account the interactions of the end user, phone comapny, local isp and the jhai operator. The village PC is at the user site. The Leaf PC is at the end of the wireless connections where the system integrates into the internet and any existing POTS systems.
village PC services IP routing web proxy phone serivce
routing mail server establis/make phone calls establis/make phone calls http cache access http cache access Send and recieve mail Send and recieve mail service net aware applications service net aware applications System Maintenance & performance monitoring System Maintenance & performance monitoring NOC internal link NOC internal link NOC internal Link NOC internal Link NOC internal link NOC internal link remote log in remote log in Internet Routed VOIP packets Internet Routed VOIP packets Jhai Leaf Server Village services email local apps web surfing phone CPE VIlager system status check VIlager system status check Office Suite and other applications Office Suite and other applications Mail Services Mail Services Surf Web Surf Web Phone service Phone service Jhai Village PC Jhai Operations ISP phone company vilager POTS POTS single  IP single  IP voip Gate IP to VOIP network link IP to VOIP network link ISP VOIP QoS route ISP VOIP QoS route VOIP telecom connect

General Info
Name Jhai Top Level Use Case
Type Use Case Diagram