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Here are the current projected local application use cases:

  1. To use spread sheets
  2. To use word processing.
  3. To Print material.
  4. To make money. Villagers expect to make money eventually through websites,but these won't be developed on their PCs, but on a market village pc. In the meantime they expect to make money by selling through other post's websites,by talking to people in market towns about price, thus, increasing the price they get for their goods by eliminating middle men AND by understanding the way the market varies. Business people expect to make money by writing proposals and budgets, and by doing simple bookkeeping on the machines.
  5. Villagers also expect (which is a human function, except for record-keeping) to make money from the use of the equipment by others. There is a business plan they developed that we shall use, with modification, everywhere. This money is projected to not only cover running costs, but also costs for replacement of the equipment, and wages for the facilitator/operator. Think of a telegraph station.


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