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Model Component View::Jhai Leaf Server

The Jhai Leaf server is a concentrator/interface box for all of the Jhai serices.

General Info
NameJhai Leaf Server
Abstract  false
OwnerComponent View


Inner Elements
 IP routingUse Case
 mail serverUse Case
 phone serivce routingUse Case
 village PC servicesUse Case
 web proxyUse Case

Inner Relations
  Association establis/make phone calls  [phone CPE - phone serivce routing]
  Association http cache access  [web surfing - web proxy]
  Association Internet Routed VOIP packets  [phone serivce routing - IP routing]
  Association IP to VOIP network link  [phone serivce routing - voip Gate]
  Association NOC internal Link  [mail server - IP routing]
  Association NOC internal link  [village PC services - IP routing]
  Association NOC internal link  [web proxy - IP routing]
  Association remote log in  [Jhai Operations - village PC services]
  Association Send and recieve mail  [email - mail server]
  Association service net aware applications  [local apps - IP routing]
  Association System Maintenance & performance monitoring  [Village services - village PC services]