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Use Case phone CPE

The phone customer premises equipment (CPE) may be in the following forms:

  1. ATA188 or other VOIP interface independent of the VPC with a hand set, where the VPC only does routing
  2. A PC104 VOIP interface integral to the VPC with a handset
  3. A PCICMA VOIP interface integral to the VPC with a handset
  4. A USB VOIP interface on the village PC's USB buss
  5. A software VOIP package running on the village PC with a USB headst

The following use cases are forseen:

1. To talk using VoIP with one another in each VJPC location on a no-cost
basis (wide area network)
2. To talk with others within the country at local phone rates or cheaper.
3. To talk with others in distant locations using a VoIP service in a way
where everyone can understand one another and that is cheap. 4. call for medical aid

General Info
Namephone CPE
Abstract  false
OwnerJhai Village PC

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